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Sunday, September 8, 2013

5k Heroes Run in Hyde's Pathfinder BDU Pants

So as my follow up to my earlier post, I ran my 5k today in my new Pathfinders.  I have to say, they are nice and roomy.  They feel like there is a little less spare fabric in the crotch, but it doesn't negatively affect the fit at all.  If anything, it's a positive, because I feel they are a little less baggy.  I carried a 16 oz water bottle in one of the rear pockets while going back for some teammates, and found that it easily fit into the pocket, and rode pretty snug against me, keeping it from flopping and banging on my leg.  Also had my iPhone in a pocket throughout the 5k, and had no issues with flopping or the iPhone escaping.  No pressure points were noted in the waist (just a worry I had with the waist adjustment string).  The fabric felt very similar to issued BDUs (expected, as it is 50/50 NYCO), and performed similarly with sweat absorption and drying.  Overall, no negatives to report, still very satisfied with my Pathfinders.  I will definitely be getting another pair when they start production.
First time across the line

Second time across the finish line

Also wanted to credit the other gear manufacturers I utilized today:

Shellback Tactical Cobra Riggers Belt
Rocky S2V Boots
London Bridge Trading Coyote Tan Slick Plate Carrier
Team Wendy ESAPI Non-ballistic Training Plates
Domari Nolo Low Profile Fitted Cover
The Patch Panel Patches

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