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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Initial impressions and assembly of the Old Faithful Holster

So as promised, today I put together my Old Faithful Holster.  Initial impressions are that this holster is built pretty tough.  The leather is approximately 1/4" thick, and the Kydex is .093", which is the second thickest that I've seen for sale on the ol' interwebz (.125" being thickest).  The spring clips fit my 1 3/4" belt perfectly, and they are super tight, so I'm not too worried about pulling the holster out when I draw. 

I decided when I ordered that I would get the quick-assemble-kit, since it saved me around $35.  Literally, this thing took about 20 minutes to put together, and half of that was letting my four-year-old help.  They don't provide much in the way of instructions with the holster, but they have a step-by-step video on their site (http://oldfaithfulholsters.com/).

The only downside to this toughness is that I've got it in my pants now (that sounds awkward), and I can tell it will take some wearing before it really breaks in.  That's okay with me though, because I'd rather take some time to break it in than have it wear out early.

Disclaimer on pics: I'm not sure why Blogger chooses to randomly rotate my photos, but I'm getting really tired of it.  If anyone knows what's up, please share...

Placing the screw backers

Hammering in the backers

Backers in

Main holster assembled

Holster complete, gun in

T-shirt hides it well

My Commander ready to work

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