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Woody is a 10 year veteran of the US Coast Guard, where he has served at various units including the International Training Division and Maritime Security Response Team. He has held qualifications including Deployable Team Leader/Instructor, Direct Action Section Team Leader, and Precision Marksman – Observer. He has deployed/instructed on five continents and served in quick reaction force roles for multiple National Special Security Events in the US.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Situational awareness is kinda key...

So according to this article from Fox, a man walked on to a commuter train in San Fran, literally waved a gun around for a few minutes before randomly shooting a student, and no one noticed until shots rang out.  As much as I would like to rant about that for a while, I will instead refer you to this discussion of Cooper's color codes.  Please read and apply, and keep your head on a swivel.  Even if you aren't carrying, it could give you a few seconds to ID a threat, take action to avoid, and possibly save your life.

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